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do any part of it you do understand; then look at it again."
~(Robert A. Heinlein - "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress")

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015


In some sports, a triple win (or more).

Could NOT find an antonym, which would best describe my current situation (described in my previous posts).

Yesterday (Monday, 15 Jun 2015), I went to Ben Taub Hospital for my follow up to my checkup and diagnosis of a week ago (Described in my post: Where things stand ... ).

After spending about six hours there, they gave me a doctor's note saying that on Sunday, 21 Jun 2015, it would be Ok for me me to go back to work. When I got home, I had my apartment manager fax a copy of that note to Randalls , so (maybe) I'll be on next week's schedule.

Ben Taub wants me back for another follow up in a bit over three weeks (Thursday, 09 Jul 2015), and they want me to keep using that boot until then.

So, in another week, maybe I can begin earning and collecting paychecks again.  I sure hope so.

What makes me look for an antonym for "hat-trick", and has made me so despondent and desparate lately, is a series of trevails I am sufferring, to the point of feeling my options have been reduced to the numbers 7 and 44:  Bankruptcy - Chapter 7, and .44 Special hollow-point.

First blow ...
In early January, my car died on me when I pulled into a restaurant parking lot. I couldn't restart it and had to have it towed home. The next morning, I had it towed to Pep Boys, who couldn't find anything wrong with it. Was able to drive it home, but when I drove it to Kroger's later, it died again. Thinking possible fuel contamination. I got a bottle of STP fuel cleaner and put in in the tank. Made it home alright.

The next day, on my way to work, it died again. I managed to push it off the street into a parking lot, and called Pep Boy's towing. When it arrived, the car  (after sitting awhile) started again, and the driver thought it would be a waste of time taking it back to Pep Boys as they would have nothing they could check. So I continued on to work, while he followed.

After a few days it seemed to get better, and for a couple of months I thought it might be a fuel contamination problem that finally just passed through.

Then the problem returned with a vengeance. After a few miles driving, it would die and not be able to restart until it had sat for 5 or 10 miniutes. Numerous trips to Pep Boys and then to the Honda dealership did no good because they could not reproduce the failure.

Having a car I simply could not trust resulted in me depending on walking and riding the bus (free with my special pass for being over 70) and awaiting my tax refund before trying again on service.

Second blow ...
In April, my 11 and 1/2 year old computer died and I was pretty much cut off from everyone except for trips to a local branch library where I could use their computers. Horrible!

The bus rides may be free for me, but the time involved really sucks. To go there, and to come back involved about and hour and a half each way, using two busses, to have an hour's access to the computer.

So, when the tax refund arrived, my first use of it was to go to Micro-Center and get a refurbished Windows 7 desktop unit. To get back in business online.

A few months back, the apartments in my complex were wired up with cable outlets for Comcast/XFINITY and I took advantage of that to get one of their high-speed modems with a telephone package, figuring that I would drop my landline telephone to help offset the cost.

Coming up on the Memorial Day weekend, I figured on using the rest of my tax refund seeing about the car. The Honda dealership told me that they could do a VERY thorough analysis for $112.00 and I was going to have it towed to them the following week.

THIRD (and possibly DEATH) BLOW...
Friday, 22 May 2018, the event in Sometimes, life just sucks happened, and everything just went to HELL.

This has cost me FOUR paychecks so far, and the bills soon to come from Ben Taub may literally KILL me.

Obviously, the car problems have been put on hold, I am literally running out of money, and am scared to death about what's in store.

So I would truly appreciate whatever help you can provide.

Paul Gordon
3433 West Dallas, # 1102
Houston, Texas 77019.

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Thank you.


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