"When faced with a problem you do not understand,
do any part of it you do understand; then look at it again."
~(Robert A. Heinlein - "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress")

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Friday, February 03, 2017

Dead Man Switch ...

... in case something happens to me.

I see at least THREE ways that the financial situation described in "Abyss" can KILL me; two of which are ...

a) Heart failure or stroke, from tension (of which there is a LOT). I have had blood pressure issues as far back as 1984, when I was suffering from flu and a visit to the Davis Clinic (in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan) resulted in Dr. Jennifer Kozar declaring, "To HELL with your flu; your BLOOD PRESSURE is in the STROKE range". Well, she DID get my attention, and I've dealt with THAT until my IT job was outsourced in 2004 and I went into early retirement; doctors and prescriptions becoming luxuries I could no longer afford.

b) Accident, caused by near constant worry dominating my attention.

The "Dead Man Switch" is a mechanism for AUTOMATIC action if I don't PREVENT it.

I can write a blog post ("THIS is probably what KILLED me"), detailing the circumstances that most likely led to my demise, and set it to be published two weeks later.

I can also write a notification email, to the 20 or 30 people to whom I normally tell about new posts, and set IT for two weeks later.

THIS way, when the time comes, it wont matter if my computer is online or even working; my little bombs are ALREADY on commercial servers that are backed up and maintaind by competent IT staff. They WILL go off, UNLESS I intervene.

Each week, I can log on to update, reschedule release another week down the line, or cancel if I no longer deel the need for this.

If I CANNOT log on, bacause of computer problems or whatever, I have a solid week before detonation to deal with it. If I can't fix the problem, I can go to a branch library and use one of their computers.

I think THAT will work.

Since few people ever bother checking links to other posts, what follows is the "Abyss" post, in it's entirety. It's what this situation is all about.

Abyss ... - UPDATE - 20 SEP 2016
... to be close enough to gaze down into it, without leaning forward, is NOT a  good feeling.

It's been awhile since I posted anything new on this blog. I've got a LOT on my plate, financially.

You may have noticed that I've just restored the PayPal  "Medical Donation" button near the top of the left column on this page. I've had that button up a couple of times before.

In mid 2013, I tripped and fell in my apartment, catching my right arm on a table and broke the humerus bone near my shoulder. That cost me two months of lost work (and the pay), and loaded  me with about $6,000.00 worth of hospital bills that I paid on, a little bit at a time.

In early 2015, my car began experiencing major problems, rendering it undriveable, and I had to walk (with difficulty because of lower back pain) and ride the bus. I was planning on using an expected tax refund to get it fixed. BUT, on the Memorial Day weekend, I slipped in some mud at a bus stop, fell HARD, and fractured my right ankle and tibia. ANOTHER lost couple of months and several  thousands of dollars MORE in hospital bills.

My income is early retirement Social Security (which did NOT increase a single penny this year), and the meager earnings as a part-time grocery cashier. I'm getting FEWER hours because my age and pain makes it almost impossible to keep up with other cashiers maybe a third my age. This affects my productivity, which in turn affects how many hours I get scheduled.  Consequently, my income is going DOWN, while everything else is going UP.

I used to say that I bleed financially when I get fewer than 20 hours per week. Now, 25 is a more
accurate figure.

The bleeding has reached a CRISIS point, where, in a few weeks, I  may have to refrain payments on
some of my accounts, at which point things will REALLY HIT THE FAN.

I think the sanest option for me is to clear the decks with Chapter 7. I have an absolutely CRUSHING  load of credit card debt, built up over YEARS, and it is literally KILLING me. Disposing of it will NOT put me into LUXURY, but elimination of interest payments on those accounts will at least permit me to LIVE.

I figure it will take me about a month to get ready to file (LOTS to do, including the MOTHER OF ALL PAPERWORK).

From what I've researched, the lawyer fees, and filing fees could run somewhere from twelve to
fifteen hundred dollars. I'm damn near BROKE at present. And, I suspect that an attorney who
doesn't insist on HIS fee up front is probably NOT someone you would trust with this.

SO, I've restored that button (PayPal) in hope of help. Alternatively, a check can be mailed to
 Paul Gordon
 3433 West Dallas St, Apt. 1102
 Houston, Texas 77019

 Email: gordpnp@airmail.net

I'm NOT really expecting much; I know most of you have problems of your own.

But, if you CAN help a bit, Thank you.

I'm asking for donations to help me go bamkrupt.

If THAT doesn't redefine IRONY, I don't know WHAT will.  :-)

UPDATE - 1750 CDT 20 SEP 2016 - Well, it's been two weeks now, and my plea for help has resulted in three donation; two via PayPal and one very nice check. Unfortunately, I'm nowhere NEAR ready to deal with the fees for Chapter 7.

To JP, MM, and AK: Your donations have pushed doomsday  a couple of months further down the road, and my gratitude is inexpressible.

Thank you.
(Originally posted 0953 CST 14 OCT 2016)


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