"When faced with a problem you do not understand,
do any part of it you do understand; then look at it again."
~(Robert A. Heinlein - "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress")

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Monday, February 08, 2010


This shocking development was revealed in a photo of her hand showing seven words ( "energy", "taxes", "budget cuts" (with "budget" crossed out), and "lift American spirit").

THIS, of course, in comparison to one who brings two teleprompters to a sixth-grade class, and cannot talk to his own committees without one.

Probably, the most amazing thing about this is the absolute glee and abandon with which liberals charge into this fray, with totally predictable results. Well, maybe not so amazing; if they had the ability to learn from experience, they wouldn't be what they are.

If Sarah was devious, I’d suspect her of deliberately allowing that palm to be seen, just to get the pathetic and moronic reactions she’s gotten from them so far. (Maybe it was deliberate; being "devious" is not a pre-requisite for having some fun. :-)

She’s totally aware that their self-absorbed narcissism and complete lack of a sense of humor are Achilles’s heels well worth exploiting.

Powerline - Palin Mocks Liberals notes:
"Which didn't stop Palin from getting the last laugh. Campaigning for Governor Rick Perry in Texas yesterday, she wrote "Hi Mom!" on her palm.
It's Palin's secret weapon: she brings out the stupidity in her political opponents."

Update - 14 Feb 2010: I promised commenter Ellen that I would try to reply to her comment, in a new post (as a proper reply would be long enough to justify one). I do intend to give it a shot, but I am just too miserably sick at the moment, so it will probably be a few days yet.



Ellen said...

Some people seem to have no morals, no character, and no principles.

Like your blogger friend "Webutante"

Here is a comment she refused to post or answer:

Questions: why would 40+ GOP congressman speak out forcefully against the stimulus bill, and unanimously vote against the stimulus bill, then gleefully hand out stimulus money to their constituents, praise the jobs that the stimulus created, and use this funding to score political points and take credit for it? We've seen this behavior documented on video, attacking the messenger is not a valid response.

Why are GOP congressmen against things that they previously supported under Bush that are clearly good for the country, like a deficit commission, pay as you go, etc... but have reversed themselves as soon as Obama endorsed these proposals?

What does this say about the character of these GOP congressmen? What does it say about the reasons for the very low approval rate of congress? What does this say about the ability to lead, about the concept of bipartisanship?

Paul_In_Houston said...


Although I have not personally met Webutante, there is no way on Earth I can agree with your first line assessment of her. Any further such attack will simply never see the light of day.

A detailed reply to your questions would entail a new post of its' own, which I am considering.

Hope to have something up soon

(Please bear with me; I am dying from allergies right now. In a day or two, I'll be over them and it will just be a bad memory. :-)



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