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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Wisconsin Voters Speak!

Photo from wattsupwiththat.com (Recycled
from Foray, where I explain it a bit more)

Update Thursday, 07 Jun 2012 - As of this morning, the latest unofficial tally I can find is a 1:07 AM Cleveland Plain Dealer report of 53%-46% in favor of Walker.

Considering how much union money went into this effort (screams about the Republicans outspending their rivals deliberately ignore funds coming from union dues and that paid union workers performing campaign duties are often referred to as "volunteers" to avoid listing them as part of campaign spending), a 9 to 10% margin still qualifies as an impressive broadside under the circumstances.

Impressive enough that a political action committee (Michigan Rising) has called off its efforts to force a recall against Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

White House Spokesman Jim Carney told reporters that the result “probably won't tell us much about a future race."  Well, whistling past the graveyard is a part of the thankless job he has, and at least he's trying to earn his paycheck.

November is looking more and more promising. :-)

Update - 1852 CDT, Thursday, 07 Jun 2012 - NEVER do an update before you've had your morning coffee. The margin noted above should have been 7% - not 9 to 10%..

Still decisive. Still impressive enough. The Huffington Post Live Election Results is showing  1,334,450 votes for Walker, 1,162,785 for Barrett ( 53.1% vs 46.3% ). I have yet to see a count declared "official", but they show the reporting to be 100%, so it's extremely unlikely there will be boxes of uncounted ballots discovered to overturn this.

The comments I made in the first update (except for the margin) still stand.

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Gary Binkley said...

I love it when the left gets nuked!!


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