"When faced with a problem you do not understand,
do any part of it you do understand; then look at it again."
~(Robert A. Heinlein - "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress")

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

God D*MM*T, Ann!!! ...

... I put you in my blogroll (and will probably keep you there as long as you have that picture of yourself on your page).  I even linked to a recent post of yours about Mitt Romney (as "reminding me of why I put you in my blogroll in the first place").

And then you pull this crap ...
Ann Coulter Insults Tea Party & South Carolina After Newt Wins: “I Think South Carolina Is Going Back To Their Democratic Roots”

G. Wolf (of Wolf Howling ) was right when he wrote (in a comment to that post of mine, covering the possibility of Romney getting the nomination because of your attacks) ...

After what Coulter has done to Gingrich, I've pretty much written her off of my Christmas card list. Her attack on him was disingenuous in many ways.

Indeed, if you've noted my lack of posting on the primaries at this point, it is because I am so mad at what the NRO and so many of the rightwing pundits - Coulter included - have done to Gingrich. It is disgusting and appalling. Were the election to be held today, I would sit it out. I won't by November, but it will strictly be a vote against Obama.

Now that Newt appears to be going somewhere after all, your remarks epitomize what Mr. Wolf describes as Gingrich Derangement Syndrome.

That post of mine I keep referring to ( Sometimes, Ann Coulter ... ) I ended with this observation on the possibility (or likelihood) of Romney getting the nomination ...

My biggest fear is that, were I David Axelrod, my greatest pleasure would be to see the Republicans devouring each other and my actions in such a case would be to stay the hell out of it, as detection of any meddling on my part might serve as a unifying factor instead. "If your enemies are destroying themselves, do not interfere."

I hope to God the Republicans eventually remember who the real enemy is.

Well, Lady: That observation is just as applicable if Newt Gingrich becomes the nominee.

Just what part of that concept escapes you?


GW said...

Actually, the man responsible for creating the Korean alphabet and its rules for pronunciation was King Sejong the Great - a fascinating man.

As a person who learned Korean during 5 years in Korea, I can speak to the fact that it is much easier than learning most other foreign languages.

Historical Korean society was very insular - it earned the name the hermit kingdom for a reason. That said, it, like every other language, is malleable and open to foreign influence. For most of their history, that was China and, in part, Japan. The language is being heavily influenced now by English and English words are creeping in all over.

By the way, while I was over in Korea, I was a me-gook goon.

Paul Gordon said...

I'm pretty sure GW meant that comment for the next post ("Gook"). As I cannot simply move it, I've copied it over there.


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