"When faced with a problem you do not understand,
do any part of it you do understand; then look at it again."
~(Robert A. Heinlein - "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress")

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sometimes, Ann Coulter ...

...reminds me of why I added that Lady to my blogroll in the first place.
(I mean besides that picture of her on her page. :-)


January 11, 2012

Earlier this week, Mitt Romney got into trouble for saying, "I like being able to fire people who provide services to me." To comprehend why the political class reacted as if Romney had just praised Hitler, you must understand that his critics live in a world in which no one can ever be fired -- a world known as "the government."
Romney's statement about being able to fire people was an arrow directed straight to the heart of Obamacare. (By the way, arrows to the heart are not covered by Obamacare.)
That's one gargantuan difference with "Romneycare" right there: If you don't like what your insurer is doing in Massachusetts, you can get a new one.

Now, wouldn't you like to be able to fire people who provide services to you?


Those little "..." thingies I'm so fond of (ellipses, I believe they're called) represent almost two pages worth of examples she provides (, and probably should be skipped if you have high-blood pressure).

In other posts of hers, she has savaged several people I liked and was in favor of, but some of whom have subsequently demonstrated that her wrath may have been earned.

Confessing that I've had an OMG! attitude towards Mitt Romney's candidacy, I'm going to try very hard to get over the fact that he's not from Texas (not all are so blessed) and consider that despite that staggering handicap, things could be a helluva lot worse.

She (and one of my other favorite bloggers Neo-neocon ) have made persuasive arguments that he is not the Antichrist, not necessarily the wild-eyed big-government liberal that he is painted as, and would be infinitely preferable to what we have now.

While there are others I may have preferred as our candidate, if Romney turns out to be it, I am not going to throw a tantrum on election day and just sit it out.  And, may God D**N you to H*ll if you choose to do that.

"Job one" on that day has to be to turn out the freakin' moron currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Absolutely nothing must take precedence over that.

Update - Sunday, 15 Jan 2012 11:17 - So far, three commenters below, instead of gushing over my every pronouncement (There goes my opportunity for starting a new religion with myself as head), are showing a disturbing tendency to think for themselves.

Some months back, one of them tore me a new one over my affection for Rick Perry, using the "Gardasil" controversy as an example.  I let the comments stand, as I didn't really have a good response.

That appears to be the case here as well, although I stand behind the "Job one" paragraph above.

On the "Bain" issue, I commend Dr. Sanity's A "BAINFUL" REALITY INDEED.

As for Ann's attacks on Gingrich, I've a lot more study to do, but it does seem to me that he's made Romney's destruction a higher priority than the ousting of Obama.  This could be a misinterpretation on my part, or going by the wrong sources.  At the moment, that issue is open for me.

My biggest fear is that, were I David Axelrod, my greatest pleasure would be to see the Republicans devouring each other and my actions in such a case would be to stay the hell out of it, as detection of any meddling on my part might serve as a unifying factor instead.  "If your enemies are destroying themselves, do not interfere."

I hope to God the Republicans eventually remember who the real enemy is.


TrueBlue said...

I do still want more details on the Bain Capital time he has. With a 20% failure rate on companies acquired while he was there, and the sequence of events being pretty much the same, it just looks a little suspicious to me.

Acquiring a company in trouble and downsizing it is pretty normal. But when they then become profitable for 3-4 years before suddenly taking a dive to be liquidated and sold off it leads me to think three things.

First, it was done on purpose which is legal but really shady. Second, someone was cooking the books, repeatedly and Romney didn't know, which is a failure of leadership. Or third, it was just bad luck, but I don't know that many companies that would accept a 20% failure rate without firing the people involved.

I know there is more info, but the people who have it aren't talking, and that just makes me more suspicious.

Foxfier said...

Being "Better than O" isn't much of an endorsement! Of course I'll still vote for most anyone that goes in-- heck, did with McCain last time. -.-

I want more information on Bain, too, but I suspect the usual conspiracy of common interests-- folks were cooking the books, or at least spinning them like crazy, but it's a general thing. Really hard to detect if, oh, half of the reports are assuming this instead of that to make their group look better, rather than only a quarter, or whatever the tipping point of self-serving assumptions might be.

Paul Gordon said...

I've no doubt that more info will be forthcoming, especially from those so determined to absolutely destroy Romney that I can't help wondering if they have even heard of the term "Pyrrhic victory".

My chief concern at the moment is to not lose sight of the ball, which I truly believe to be summed up in the last paragraph of my post.

The "FM" mentioned above has already managed unspeakable damage to this country, in the space of three years, with still another solid year remaining in this term.

To allow him four more years on top of that, to finish the job, simply must not happen!

It just doesn't get any more bottom line than that.

GW said...

After what Coulter has done to Gingrich, I've pretty much written her off of my Christmas card list. Her attack on him was disingenuous in many ways.

Indeed, if you've noted my lack of posting on the primaries at this point, it is because I am so mad at what the NRO and so many of the rightwing pundits - Coulter included - have done to Gingrich. It is disgusting and appalling. Were the election to be held today, I would sit it out. I won't by November, but it will strictly be a vote against Obama.

Foxfier said...

*starts jibbering in fangirl fits*

Paul! Paul! You got linked by "Fallen Angels" Jerry Pournelle! That book was the first time I ever HEARD of Fannish/geek culture, back in high school-- I read the school library copy to bits! (his co-author, Michael Flynn was the first oh my goodness an author I like blogs AND DON'T MAKE ME WANT TO BASH MY HEAD AGAINST THE WALL!!! regularly blogging author I ever ran into*.

*(Currently, the count is at two, although that's mostly because I try to avoid the ones I'm 90% sure will make me mad.)

Foxfier said...

Some months back, one of them tore me a new one over my affection for Rick Perry, using the "Gardasil" controversy as an example. I let the comments stand, as I didn't really have a good response.

*blush* I didn't think I was quite THAT abrasive.... ;^p

I think you're right about the Axelrod mind-reading, though. I'm still getting really tired of hearing "he's better than Obama."

Paul Gordon said...

Re: Dr. Pournelle ...

I first included him in my email list about new posts when I published Adventure of a Lifetime, about mt 1972 trip to the Cape to watch the launch of Apollo 16.

Before I later added things to that post, it originally ended at the line, "We had dreams, then." He emailed to me ONE word ("Indeed"), obviously referring to that line.

Keeping him in in the mailing lists, and narcissisticly watching the site meter, I saw that he read others (not ALL; he DOES have a life), but enough to make me think I had avoided boring him.

The first post of mine he linked to was "Peacemaker", and then "The Zen of Firefly and Serenity".

So, the Ann Coulter piece was the third that he has so graced.

Does that make me feel pretty good? You betcha.

One of the nice things about those links is that his site attract people whose curiosity is alive and well; a fair number of whom come here for whatever he linked to, and then take a look at other posts of mine (the posts on Arnold, Bimbos, and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy seem to be the most popular of those. As these are posts I like and WANT people to read, that is so cool.)

*blush* I didn't think I was quite THAT abrasive.... ;^p

No, not abrasive. But you made it abundantly that you have a mind of your own, which is a real turn-on for me.

However I might wish to read praise of my writing (I AM a vain person after all :-), that could get boring pretty quickly. You learn from reasoned disagreement (which you, and you-know-who above) provided.

You (and he) are welcome here; after all, you probably wouldn't even bother if I was boring you. So, I'm gonna take that as a good sign. :-)


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