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Sunday, October 14, 2012

THIS is unconscionable ...

... if this story is accurate.

From The Strata-Sphere ...

Deployed Military Having Serious Trouble Voting Absentee

Yesterday, I sent that link to every blogger I follow, hoping that someone with access to Romney's campaign would check it out and bring it to his attention if verified.

I'll see who I can find to send it to (while realizing that this would only be one tiny drop in a very large bucket).

Update 1520 CDT, Sun, 14 Oct 2012 - So far, the best ones I can think of to send that post to are my U.S Senators (John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutcheson - both Republicans) and my U.S. Representative John Culberson - also Republican -- if I lived a few blocks away, I would be in the district of Sheila Jackson Lee, in which case my appeal would be in vain.

It's not difficult to find contact pages for these people but, as they receive an enormous amount of email, they only accept such from people residing within their districts.

As the two senators each represent the entire population of Texas (over 25 million now), and Culberson only represents Texas Congressional District 7 (we have 32 now -- to be increased to 36 in 2013 ) with a population of a bit over 650,000, that suggests that he might get only about 1/40th the volume of email the others get. That makes him my best hope at the moment.

Anyway, I emailed them. So, we shall see.

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