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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A True Professional's Perspective on Climate Change Data...

In my very first post on this blog ( A Perspective on Man-Made Global Warming (Excuse me: "Climate Change") ) I argued how microscopic a timeline of recorded data was being used to make really long-range predictions on climate behavior, and that it was irresponsible and dangerous to mandate actions based on those predictions.

In his latest post ( How Not To Create A Historic Global Temp Index ) AJStrata goes into painful (his word; I call it "exquisite") detail about the absolute criminal stupidity of the demonstrated adjusting of temperature data to fit the desired conclusions of the alarmists.

All emphasis below is mine.

The momentum that build up behind the man-made global warming fad (and it is nothing more than an unproven hypothesis surrounded by a silly fan club) has not allowed the basic approach to be tested or challenged. You had a movement build up around an idea, which launched the idea into ‘established fact’ before the idea was validated. It probably will never be validated because the methodology is flawed to its core – as I will explain in painful detail.

To create a global temperature index for the past 30 years – and then project that back to the 1880’s (when global temp records were began) and then project it back centuries before that – is not trivial. And in my opinion the current approach is just plain wrong.

I take this position as someone who works ‘in space’ – where we have complex and interrelated models of all sorts of physical processes. And yet we have to keep refining the models to fit the data to do what we do. Climate science naively (and ignorantly in my mind) does just the opposite; it keeps adjusting the data (for no good reason) until they get the result they want!

He goes on at length, and despite his "painful" description, I think you'll find it a fascinating read. His main point is...

You DON'T adjust the data!

PLEASE, give it a look.

He makes my points with a professionalism and eloquence of which I can only dream.



Charles said...

Great links Paul and essential reading. AJSTrata sure gives a great detailed overview.

Check out the 1990 SBS doco I found on YouTube (posted on my site with a few comments). You can see historically a lot of the players eg Tom Wigley and Dr Roy Spencer. Wigley reallly squirms in vid 5 of the series when asked a question about funding. When you have the time I thnk it is well worth watching in full (6 parts).

Paul_In_Houston said...

Thank you, Sir:

At the moment, because of financial circumstances, I have to use a dial-up connection and may have to put off checking out the videos (as a 10 minute video takes forever to load.

I'm seriously thinking of how to squeeze a high-speed connection into my budget, so I'll hang on to this info for later.

Your presence (from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia), puts me in the position that if I ever have to ask someone's permission to use some of their work on my blog, I can truthfully let him know (as I did with AJ) that I only have a handful of readers, or, equally truthful, that I have readers all around the world :-)



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