"When faced with a problem you do not understand,
do any part of it you do understand; then look at it again."
~(Robert A. Heinlein - "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress")

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

What's this "Climategate" fuss all about?

A Link Worth Saving...

Understanding Climategate's Hidden Decline ...

I've mostly said my piece on Climate Change in various comments, and in my very first post here, but that was mainly about the sheer arrogance of predicting long term climate trends from the microscopic recorded history we have on the subject.

Whatever the suspicions I may have had of some of the researchers and advocates of man-made global warming, I never went so far as to accuse them of making up data out of nothing and throwing out (I mean literally "THROWING OUT") data that didn't fit the conclusions they were after.  I really was not that cynical.  From what I'm seeing lately (for really good coverage of this, check out AJStrata's  The Strata Sphere ); apparently I'm far too naive.

Almost as bad is the almost complete absence of coverage of this from any of the major networks, and only grudging mention in a few U.S. newspapers (the Brits are doing a much better job of this).

This is NOT just a scandal of a few purloined emails;  it is the perversion of science to cold-bloodily create propaganda, to justify putting the government in complete totalitarian control of our industries, our economy, nearly every detail of how we live.

This will be (and is being) fought for at the highest levels as literally BILLIONS of dollars are at stake.

What's at the bottom of all this?

Pure naked power.


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Anonymous said...

It is being driven by the same maniacs that brought about this recession. They have manipulated the public into a position of fear, for now. Next will come the loathing :) I forecast this and the previous recession. My next forecast: Within 3½ years, society as we know it in the Western world, will crumble. Bribed sub-academics are spouting financiers views: good, solid, intelligent and sensible people being marginalised. Just as was the case in the days of the Charge of the Light Brigade. They are not smart enough to keep control, should they ever get it. There is hope yet :)


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