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do any part of it you do understand; then look at it again."
~(Robert A. Heinlein - "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress")

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Varifrank is Back!!!

Today, I wrote this as a comment to a post on neo-neocon:

You can get sent to a good blog from the unlikeliest of places.

I got hooked on blogs because of a link on MSNBC's website (of all places) directing me to Today, I was "Unprofessional"..., about the tsunami that hit Indonesia on Christmas Day, 2004.

I'm glad that's still archived and available, as its' author (Frank Martin - "Varifrank") has retired from blogging and "Gone Flyin...".

I miss him, and his analysis's

Why do I think so much of him? If clicking on that link doesn't show you, then no amount of words from me could explain it.

After posting that comment, I took another look at that page I had linked to, clicked on the "Main" link, and...

HE'S BACK!!! ( Varifrank )

I guess there's no such thing as a retired blogger.

UPDATE - 12 Mar 2010 - The "HE'S BACK!!!" may have been premature; since his new post, around New Year's eve, he appears to only be using Twitter now. Twitter (and my antipathy towards it) were the subject of a post I was considering, but neo-neocon went and beat me to it ( I’m a blogger, not a tweeter ).



Charles said...

Thanks for the heads up on that one Paul. Happy new year and all the best for 2010!

JimmyJ. said...

Came here from your comment at neo-neocon. Hey, you're a lot like me. I'm a retired Navy then airline pilot. At 76, I've got more years behind than ahead. Stumbled into blogs and began commenting about the same time as you. Roaming the blogosphere has been like going to graduate school. A lot of wit, wisdom, and good debate out there. Some idiocy, snark, and very bad ideas out there as well. Hopefully the good ideas will eventually rise to the top. The dems and Obama are giving us a lesson in some of the bad ideas. If enough people learn the lessons, that's a good thing.

I admire anyone who has the energy, intellect, and technical knowledge to have their own blog.
I'll be visiting from time to time to see what i can learn from you.

Paul_In_Houston said...

Thank you, JimmyJ:

Hey, you're a lot like me. I'm a retired Navy then airline pilot.

I am ex-USAF, but I never was a pilot. Enlisted only. I had to drop out of high-school, but was very lucky in that I love to read (almost anything), and it's always been easy for me. I never had any study discipline, whatsoever, but it's difficult to read as much as I have without something sticking. As a result, I tend to do very well on tests, and ended up in the USAF Security Service (this was early 60s; it's now the Electronic Security Arm, or something like that, I think) with some of the sharpest people you could ever hope to meet on this planet.

I admire anyone who has the energy, intellect, and technical knowledge to have their own blog.

It's an inter4esting experience, trying to say things you feel in a way that others might find interesting. Of the 17 posts I have up, so far, there's about five that I really like. They are:

A Perspective on Man-Made Global Warming...
Even though I'm in full "preach" mode, it's something I feel strongly about, and I believe I did a decent job of getting my points across.

Some rambling thoughts on Houston.
I love this town, and I think I managed to get a few points across in spite of undisciplined roaming all over the place.

A Parking Space to Die For.
Nothing fantastic, but I worked out this post, in my head, while on the way to the laundry room; it almost wrote itself, and I even managed to stay on-point, for once.

A Profound Sadness at the Polling Station.
Thoughts that I've held, for a LOOOONG time. It only need that ballot to trigger it.

In this case, an email, from a friend, triggered memories, and off I went.

Most of the others demonstrate that I am still learning, and that sometimes even loving a subject is no guarantee of good results. I really loved "Avatar", but the post I did on it is probably the weakest, most dis-jointed one I've written yet; I bailed out early because I hadn't a clue where I was going next.

I'll be visiting from time to time to see what i can learn from you.

If you "learn" anything from what I write, you might want to get a second opinion. :-)


Assistant Village Idiot said...

As promised over at neo's.

I spent last New Year's in San Antonio. We went down to visit my son (http://www.ten-fourfilms.com/about/), who now lives in Spring - none of us had ever been to SA. He works up in The Woodlands (where Melissa Cloutier is, though he doesn't know her) at the enormous Methodist church there.

Rabid Texan. Aren't they all? Ben has commented how quickly little kids learn the cued claps in "Deep In The Heart Of Texas."

Paul_In_Houston said...

AVI: Welcome Sir.

Thanks for the url.

From your son's website, where he's describing himself in third-person...

He remains somewhat surprised to find himself living just outside of Houston in the sweltering heat, and more surprised still to discover he's grown fond of both city and state.

Since he's obviously quite intelligent, I find that no surprise at all. :-)

It's been a few years since I've been to San Antonio. In 1988, on one of my trips installing software (touched on a bit in "Snow"), I was there with a couple of others from my company, and before heading out to the airport, I wanted to drive by and show them the Alamo. Couldn't even get close; the streets around Alamo Plaza were torn up for construction and maintenance.

In 2002, on my last trip there, they were STILL torn up.

While fulfilling my duties as a humble grocery checker recently, I talked to a couple from San Antonio whom informed me that they had actually finished that work, after only about twenty years.

Drop in, anytime. After the "Avatar" post experience, I'm going to try something different and maybe engage brain before typing. Of course, THAT risks being boring.



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