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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Ah, Hell!...

Yesterday, Friday, Dec 4, 2009, SNOW paid one of its' rare visits to Houston.

The motion and reflectivity make them look larger, but they were big wet flakes, a bit over postage-stamp size, that melted as soon as they hit the ground.  This was about 10:30 AM, and the temp didn't get below freezing until late in the afternoon, by which time the snow  had stopped falling in my part of town.

I so much wanted to grab the camera and go out a bit southwest of town, where there was more activity (up to 4 inches in some places), but was intercepted by a call to come into work early.  By the time I got off, it was freezing, but the snowfall was all over where I was.

So, no opportunity for winter-wonderland shots this time.


Snow is a very rare occurrence here.  Dec 4 is the earliest time on record for it to show up.  Also, we got visited last year.  This is the first ever recorded instance of it happening two years in a row.  And, winter is still over two weeks away.

Could get interesting.

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GW said...

Hello Paul. Didn't realize you had started a blog. Will blogroll you and start my daily visits.

As to your post, we still have snow on the ground in Tennessee also. Makes me want to hunt down a greenie and shake them until sense starts to make its way past the ideological cement in their brain housing unit.


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